September 8
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Protection International

For the right to defend human rights
Non-for profit organization that works to secure people's right to defend human rights at a global scale.

Protection International is an international non-profit organization that supports human rights defenders in developing their security and protection management strategies. They achieve these through comprehensive protection programs, using a preventative, collective, psychosocial, gender-sensitive, and intersectional approach.

Protection International works on the preventative protection of human rights defenders by focusing on the following thematic areas: Public policies, collective protection, criminalization, business and human rights, and positive narratives.


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Funding Mechanisms

Lifeline – Embattled Civil Society Organizations Assistance Fund

Lifeline Embattled CSO Assistance Fund is a consortium of 7 international non-governmental organizations that aims to push back against civic space threats.
Academic Paper

Facing the blue Anthropocene in Patagonia by empowering indigenous people’s action networks

The study presents a literature review of the role of action networks in governing the blue Anthropocene. It reviews the major trends of Indigenous Marine Areas in Chilean Patagonia, focusing on their institutional and political background, their spatial trends and contribution to marine conservation.
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