September 8
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Global Witness

Challenging abuses of power to protect human rights and secure the future of our planet
Global Witness conducts investigations and advocacy work to achieve climate justice and safeguard civic freedoms.

Founded in 1993, Global Witness was the pioneer in seeing the link between natural resources, conflict, and corruption. For over 25 years, they have investigated and exposed environmental and human rights abuses in the oil, gas, mining, and timber sectors, and tracked ill-gotten money and influence through the global financial and political system.

Click on the download button to download the Global Witness 2021 Annual Report.


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Project Publications

Webinar: A Global Spotlight on Ocean Defenders

Check the recording of our first webinar on Ocean Defenders. Learn more about the fights they lead, and how we can best support them.
Academic Paper
Junquillal Beach

Understanding and responding to the environmental human rights defenders crisis: The case for conservation action

This paper calls for the conservation community to put the protection of defenders at the heart of its strategy to slow down and reverse the current onslaught on the environment.
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