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Front Line Defenders

FLD provides rapid and practical support to human rights defenders through multiple actions, at the international and local levels.
Home page of Front Line Defenders
Front Line Defenders (FLD) is an international human rights organization founded in Dublin in 2001, with the specific aim of protecting human rights defenders at risk.

FLD works to improve the security and protection of human rights defenders and organizations around the world at risk for their peaceful and legitimate human rights work. As identified by human rights defenders themselves, FLD responds to protection and security needs by providing support through grants, capacity building, visibility, networking, and advocacy, at the international, regional, and local levels


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Standing Firm: The Land and Environmental Defenders on the frontlines of the climate crisis

The report “Standing Firm: The Land and Environmental Defenders on the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis” is Global Witness annual report for 2023. It focuses on the threats and violence faced by land and environmental defenders globally.
Academic Paper

Facing the blue Anthropocene in Patagonia by empowering indigenous people’s action networks

The study presents a literature review of the role of action networks in governing the blue Anthropocene. It reviews the major trends of Indigenous Marine Areas in Chilean Patagonia, focusing on their institutional and political background, their spatial trends and contribution to marine conservation.
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