September 8
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Environmental Rights Initiative

Database to connect to free legal assistance and support on human rights and environment matters
The Environmental Rights Initiative is a coalition of state and non-state actors united to promote, protect, and respect environmental rights.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has been undertaking work on human rights and the environment for almost two decades. UNEP’s current work under the Environmental Rights Initiative brings environmental protection nearer to people by assisting state and non-state actors to promote, protect, and respect environmental rights.

The ‘Legal Assistance and Resources For Environmental Defenders’ database has been set-up to enable environmental defenders, as well as the general public, to access legal assistance and support to counter their current inadequate protection.


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Global Atlas of Environmental Justice

Newly documented cases and information of communities struggling for environmental justice are continuously added to the platform.
Project Publications

Webinar: A Global Spotlight on Ocean Defenders

Check the recording of our first webinar on Ocean Defenders. Learn more about the fights they lead, and how we can best support them.
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