August 25
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Contested Ports

Can local communities coexist with global ports?
Contested Ports home page
Useful website for learning about the conflicts between people and ports.
contested ports

Contested Ports is a collaborative, non-exhaustive online platform that documents conflicts between people and ports. It highlights community resistance strategies and is a hub to share resources that deepen critical engagement with the unsustainable effects of maritime logistics.


Recommended from The Ocean Defenders

Project Publications
the ocean defenders project

Ocean defenders and human rights

In this paper, we advocate for the recognition, support and protection of those individuals, groups or communities who are mobilizing, advocating or taking action to protect the marine environment, coastal and oceanic territories, and associated human rights from existential threats.

The Aarhus Convention

The Aarhus Convention was created to empower the role of citizens and civil society organizations in environmental matters and is founded on the principles of participative democracy. Signatories include 47 European countries.
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