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Civil Rights Defenders

Civil Rights Defenders works for and together with human rights defenders fighting for democracy and civil and political rights across the world.
Home page of Civil Rights Defenders
Civil Rights Defenders partners with and supports human rights defenders who work in some of the world's most repressive regions.

CRD is a politically and religiously independent human rights organization. CRD provides security and capacity building to meet future demands of defenders as well as advocates for the respect of human rights and mobilizes support at the international and national levels.


One pager for CRD’s 2023-2030 strategy, available at:

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Project Publications

Webinar: A Global Spotlight on Ocean Defenders

Check the recording of our first webinar on Ocean Defenders. Learn more about the fights they lead, and how we can best support them.

Human Rights Defender Toolkit for Promoting Business Respect for Human Rights

The International Service for Human Rights developed a toolkit that aims to foster positive engagement between human rights defenders and business. It explores the questions of how can human rights defenders effectively engage businesses to promote corporate respect for human rights?
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