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African Defenders (Pan-African Human Rights Defenders Network)

Network of five African sub-regional organizations dedicated to promote and protect human rights defenders across Africa
Home page of AfricanDefenders Network
AfricanDefenders advocate for the rights and raise the profile of human rights defenders across Africa through impactful campaigns, advocacy efforts and high prestige awards.

AfricanDefenders works to raise awareness of the challenges facing human rights defenders and to promote the implementation of concrete measures to improve their situation. This Pan-African Network seeks to facilitate the effective engagement of human rights defenders with regional and international human rights mechanisms, particularly with the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Council.

General overview of AfricanDefenders, available at:

AfricanDefenders also promotes coordinated advocacy efforts among their members for them to speak in a unified manner and amplify each other’s voices, as well as to engage in strategic litigation at the regional level.


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The Aarhus Convention

The Aarhus Convention was created to empower the role of citizens and civil society organizations in environmental matters and is founded on the principles of participative democracy. Signatories include 47 European countries.
Academic Paper
Junquillal Beach

Understanding and responding to the environmental human rights defenders crisis: The case for conservation action

This paper calls for the conservation community to put the protection of defenders at the heart of its strategy to slow down and reverse the current onslaught on the environment.
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