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September 8
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Security and protection of earth rights defenders: Facilitation Toolkit

EarthRights International
This Facilitation Toolkit contains a practical, action-oriented set of tools, exercises and materials for facilitators to utilize when delivering training to those that they work with.

This Facilitation Toolkit has been developed by EarthRights to increase the understanding, awareness, and importance of security and protection amongst individuals, communities, and organizations who work to defend the lands and environment in the Greater Mekong Subregion. It is designed for those facilitating security and protection training to their local organizations and communities.

Individuals, communities, and organizations working to defend the land and environment in the Greater Mekong Subregion frequently find themselves targeted for their peaceful human rights work. The Facilitation Toolkit takes into consideration the regional context, concerns, and challenges they experience and is informed by EarthRights’ extensive work with local communities and grassroots activists in the region.

Available in English and Thai.


EarthRights. Security and Protection of Earth Rights Defenders: Facilitation Toolkit. 2022

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