In this section of the website, we are collecting resources from the project and beyond that focus on ocean defenders and environmental human rights defenders more broadly.

Selected resources from The Ocean Defenders Project

The resources below include valuable publications, reports, videos, presentations, and websites related to the topic of ocean defenders.

Project Publications

Webinar: A Global Spotlight on Ocean Defenders

Check the recording of our first webinar on Ocean Defenders. Learn more about the fights they lead, and how we can best support them.
Project Publications
artisanal fishers boats

Local Marine Stewardship and Ocean Defenders

In this paper, we argue how local marine stewardship initiatives and ocean defenders are at the forefront of ocean sustainability efforts, yet often receive insufficient recognition and support. We make five recommendations to bring greater attention and support to local marine stewardship and ocean defenders in research, policy, practice, and funding.
Project Publications
the ocean defenders project

Ocean defenders and human rights

In this paper, we advocate for the recognition, support and protection of those individuals, groups or communities who are mobilizing, advocating or taking action to protect the marine environment, coastal and oceanic territories, and associated human rights from existential threats.

Standing Firm: The Land and Environmental Defenders on the frontlines of the climate crisis

The report “Standing Firm: The Land and Environmental Defenders on the Frontlines of the Climate Crisis” is Global Witness annual report for 2023. It focuses on the threats and violence faced by land and environmental defenders globally.

African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR)

This commission is in charged of the protection and promotion of human rights, and to provide interpretation to the African Charter on human rights issues.

ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR)

The AICHR is designed to be an integral part of the ASEAN organizational structure and an overarching institution with overall responsibility for the promotion and protection of human rights in ASEAN.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)

The IACHR is a principal and autonomous organ of the Organization of American States whose mission is to promote and protect human rights in the American hemisphere

The Escazú Agreement

The Escazú Agreement is a ground-breaking legal instrument for environmental protection as well as a humans right treaty for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Aarhus Convention

The Aarhus Convention was created to empower the role of citizens and civil society organizations in environmental matters and is founded on the principles of participative democracy. Signatories include 47 European countries.
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