January 8
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Human Rights Defender Toolkit for Promoting Business Respect for Human Rights

International Service for Human Rights
The International Service for Human Rights developed a toolkit that aims to foster positive engagement between human rights defenders and business. It explores the questions of how can human rights defenders effectively engage businesses to promote corporate respect for human rights?


The International Service for Human Rights is an independent, non-profit organization promoting and protecting human rights. They aim to support human rights defenders, strengthen human rights systems, and lead and participate in coalitions for human rights change. They do so by focusing on three core pillars: 

  1. Supporting human rights defenders 
  2. Promoting rights and accountability
  3. Strengthening human rights laws and systems  


ISHR elaborated a toolkit in 2015 that aims to foster positive engagement between human rights defenders and businesses.

The publication provides:

  1. An overview of human rights defenders of the legal and policy frameworks, and government and corporate trends relating to the protection of human rights within the context of business;
  2. A range of tools for defenders to strategically engage with stakeholders at each stage of project development and in a range of sectors; 
  3. Actions businesses should take to respect and engage human rights defenders, and the business benefits of doing so;
  4. Practical examples of how businesses and human rights defenders can work together to achieve corporate respect for human rights. 


The toolkit is available in French, English, and Spanish. 

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