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January 8
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Environmental Defender Law Center (EDLC)

Environmental Defender Law Center
EDLC works to protect the human rights of people in developing countries who are fighting to protect their environment. They work through providing a range of legal services to environmental defenders, especially by finding private lawyers to work for free on their behalf.

EDLC, created in 2003, works to protect the human rights of individuals and communities in developing countries who are fighting against harm to their environment. 

EDLC helps environmental defenders without charge by:

  • Finding lawyers
  • Providing resources
  • Giving grants 

EDLC specializes in cases of international significance, where innovative legal strategies can be developed and later replicated to help other environmental defenders. EDLC is funded exclusively by foundation grants and individual donations. 

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Support Mechanisms

Security and protection of earth rights defenders: Facilitation Toolkit

This Facilitation Toolkit contains a practical, action-oriented set of tools, exercises and materials for facilitators to utilize when delivering training to those that they work with.

Contested Ports

Useful website for learning about the conflicts between people and ports.
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