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September 8
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Facing the blue Anthropocene in Patagonia by empowering indigenous people’s action networks

Francisco Araos, Carlos Hidalgo, Francisco Brañas, Jeremy Anbleyth-Evans, Florencia Diestre, and Allan Yu Iwama
The study presents a literature review of the role of action networks in governing the blue Anthropocene. It reviews the major trends of Indigenous Marine Areas in Chilean Patagonia, focusing on their institutional and political background, their spatial trends and contribution to marine conservation.

Abstract: Chilean Patagonia is a globally significant ecosystem for biodiversity, and simultaneously a global center for the aquaculture industry. Environmental crises have accelerated over the last decades with the installation of salmon farms, increasing impacts on indigenous livelihoods and the habitats of marine species. Indigenous Marine Areas (IMA) have confronted the effects of the blue Anthropocene in Chilean Patagonia, causing diverse indigenous communities to evolve mechanisms to enhance ocean health and sustainability. Based on an analysis of the main socio-spatial trends of IMA in Patagonia and their action networks in the Los Lagos Region, this study demonstrates the importance of a multiple-agent network to mobilize the implementation of IMA. The study shows how indigenous people face the challenges of the UN Ocean Decade, enhancing the sustainability pathways of blue Patagonia.


Araos, F., Hidalgo, C., Brañas, F., Anbleyth-Evans, J., Diestre, F., and Iwama, A.,Y. (2023). Facing the blue Anthropocene in Patagonia by empowering indigenous people’s action networks. Marine Policy 147; 105397.

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